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Tracy Clegg

Learn more about me at:

[email protected]

My jewellery making journey...

I came to jewellery making from another craft, as is so often the way.   Knitting was my main craft until I discovered knitted jewellery, which then led me to stringing which then led me to bead weaving.  


It was like a revelation!  Nothing else got a look in from that point on, I attended my first beading workshop in October 2006 and that's where my passion (obsession) for beading really began.

3 Favourite Jewellery Making Techniques...

Bead weaving is my only jewellery making technique, but within that there are so many wonderful stitches from which to choose.   I tend to favour right angle weave as it's so versatile, but also love netting and peyote.  

What excites me most about jewellery making...

I love the way you can pile up a few different types of beads on your bead mat and a while later, it turns into something to be proud of.  Whether that's as a designer or a student, the pleasure of the end result is much the same.


Most inspired by...

Shapes - I often find myself looking at a building, picture, office construction - sometimes very random things and wondering "how can I create that in beads?".     I am also constantly inspired by those I teach and their different ways of looking at the same piece.  It always brings me back to think about how we all perceive the world differently and I like to think of that when designing and also when writing up the instructions!  

Claims to fame...

Several of my designs have been published and I have won two competitions with the BeadWorkersGuild.  

Favourite creation, so far...

My Moroccan Lantern, which is currently touring the UK as part of the Bead Workers Guild "Africa" exhibition.  It creates lots of excitement as it has a real light inside it!  

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